Dynamic Sales Forecasting

Dynamic Sales Forecasting allows your managers to develop a more accurate sales projection. Learn to automate your forecasts. Manage your pipeline better. Improve your results. Make sales more predictable with real-time forecasting and a system of checks and balances. Perfect forecast accuracy and the ability to enter a sales range for each deal.

What you will learn:

  • Discussing the 3 versions of Forecasting, focusing on Customizable Forecasts and Forecasts
  • Using Opportunities to drive forecasts
  • Verify the Forecast Category for the opportunities¬†
  • Define Quota for each period
  • Overriding, Sharing, and Submitting forecasts
  • Stay current with forecast and sales results on your dashboard
  • Effectively manage sales teams with flexible, hierarchical sales management
  • Using Territories to define multiple Forecasts


Dynamic Sales Forecasting

Premium Training gives you an effective, hands-on learning experience with a live personal trainer.

Webcam and Headset are required for virtual training.


Allows you to measure, align with needs, increase performance and revenue


Flexible Revenue Forecasting Across Your Entire Organization. Adapt to Changing Economic Opportunities. Plan, Configure & Setup.