Salesforce Fast Start

Salesforce Fast Start provides an overview of the Salesforce platform. This class benefits new Salesforce users and covers important features of Salesforce. Learn tools that are available to you, your Salesforce administrator and other users to customize Salesforce and make it your own.

What you will learn:

  • Key Terms and standard Objects in Salesforce
  • Logging in to Salesforce
  • Creation of users
  • Creation of new accounts and contacts
  • Customizing a standard object
  • Creating workflows and automation
  • Creating a custom object
  • Getting started with Administration
  • Define company profile
  • Getting started with Sales – taking a deal through the sales lifecycle


Salesforce Fast Start

Premium Training gives you an effective, hands-on learning experience with a live personal trainer.

Webcam and Headset are required for virtual training.

Recommended Prerequisites

Currently, this class does not have any prerequisites


The essentials you need to get started quickly


Learn important Concepts, Terms, and Setup rules. Additional Topics include Search Protocols and Naming Conventions