Salesforce Sales Superhero

Your business decisions are only as good as the information used to make those decisions. Salesforce Sales Superhero teaches you how to identify and unleash hidden value from within Salesforce. Then, transform that information into actionable business intelligence for increased sales.

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Close More Deals Faster

Increase SalesCombine Reports, Dashboards and Sales Acceleration Requisites into a comprehensive course for increased sales. Course participants benefit from both a strategic and tactical perspective.
Optimize AnalyticsUse Salesforce Opportunities, Products, and Quote systems to create reports and dashboards that enable you and your team. Simplify your sales processes and energize your team.

Course Dates

Class Date Duration Status Location Signup
Sales SuperheroMon. May 1, 20171 Day Scheduled Virtual/ Scranton, PA Learn More about signing up for this class
Sales SuperheroMon. Jun 12, 20171 Day Scheduled Virtual/ Scranton, PA Learn More about signing up for this class
Sales SuperheroMon. Jul 3, 20171 Day Scheduled Virtual/ Scranton, PA Learn More about signing up for this class
Sales SuperheroMon. Jul 24, 20171 Day Scheduled Virtual/ Scranton, PA Learn More about signing up for this class
Sales SuperheroMon. Aug 14, 20171 Day Scheduled Virtual/ Scranton, PA Learn More about signing up for this class

What you will learn

Actionable Reports

Convert sales data into actionable information. Create effective reports that show the dynamic performance of your sales. See who is qualified and identify stuck opportunities. Coach, mentor, manage and move sales opportunities to closed status.

Create matrix reports of products sold over the past fiscal year. Use dynamic date ranges to find the number of deals closed over the past week, month, quarter, and year. Improve your forecasting. Adjust your marketing and sales mix to meet and exceed sales goals.

  • How to use and create Sales Reports
  • Using filters to find the data you need
  • Using Conditional Highlighting
  • Summarize information for grouping
Revenue by Product

Track revenue for each product in your inventory. Find out which products are performing and which need improvement.

Product Pipeline Matrix

Forecast ordering and inventory needs. Determine the sales stages for your products. Identify which products are stuck in the sales process.

Opportunity Pipeline

Close deals on time. Examine open opportunities with time spent at each stage. Identify bottlenecks. Move from pending to closed.  

Opportunities by Owner Timeline

Manage individual and team sales performance. Control open opportunities, drive closed deals and associated revenues.

Soon to Close Opportunities

Stay on top of your closing deals. Determine which deals are closing in 7 days, two weeks, this month and the next month. Drill into each record to find out what you need to reach your target.

Stuck Opportunities

Identify which opportunities are stuck in your sales pipeline. Overcome objections and hurdles to move to closed sale.

Overdue Opportunities

Discover opportunities that were supposed to close by a certain date, but did not. Develop a strategy to close that opportunity now.

Lead Conversion History

Manage your lead lifecycle from creation until closed. By identifying this period, you can forecast future sales by category.

Personal Opportunity Report

Create one report that dynamically shows how you are performing, then compare your progress to goal.  

Opportunities by Account

Determine the value of each of your existing accounts. Manage your won and lost account revenue. Achieve greater control of your pipeline.

Sales Dashboards

See important and trending sales information at a glance. Summarize and visualize metrics for increased sales. View dashboards by salesperson, sales team, entire company, or custom views utilizing dynamic criteria.

Create dashboards that drive opportunities into your sales pipeline funnel. Make leader board tables that inspire sales competition and drive sales. Create gauges of actual vs. target sales. Manage team and individual target performance.

  • Create underlying reports
  • Understanding dashboard components
  • Creating useful sales graphs
  • Formatting graphs based on criteria

Sales Acceleration Requisites

Move through sales lifecycles by sales user. Learn how to use Opportunities, Products, and Quotes. Implement Salesforce best practices. Improve your sales effectiveness by automating sales processes. Develop and access accurate information that drives your sales. Gain insights into additional Salesforce capabilities for improved performance and adoption. Your Salesforce administrator can set-up your company instance to reflect these benefits.

  • Properly store and work opportunities
  • Attach Products as line items
  • Generate and sync quotes
  • Using teams to automate tasks and emails

Recommended Prerequisites

This course covers reports, dashboards, opportunities, products, and quotes. We recommend that you have an understanding of basic Salesforce concepts and functionality.

Who should take this class?

Turn data into action. Increase opportunities and sales. This course is for corporate sales and marketing teams, including:

  • CEO
  • VP of Sales
  • Sales Managers
  • VP of Marketing
  • Marketing Managers
  • Team leaders and members
  • Salesforce Administrators

Additional Best Practice Topics:

Data Cleansing

Use data cleansing to build incomplete records. Eliminate poor data. Learn important skills you need to clean and correct your data.

Data Validation

Learn data validation techniques that create accurate records. Identify, cleanse and normalize relevant records to optimize use. Recognize and correct errors.

Workflows and Approvals

Move your opportunities through your sales pipeline faster with workflows and approvals. Automate tasks, events, and field updates, aligning with your sales criteria. Create workflows for "approve" or "deny" optimizing sales opportunities..