Salesforce Marketing Superhero

Your marketing decisions are only as good as the information used to make those decisions. Our Marketing Superhero class teaches you how to identify and unleash hidden value from Salesforce. Then, transform that information into actionable business intelligence for increased sales.

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Optimize Targeting, Messaging and Conversions to Sales

Increase Sales Marketing Superhero combines Reports, Dashboards and Marketing Automation Essentials into a comprehensive course for increased marketing efficiency and sales. Course participants benefit from both a strategic and tactical perspectives.
Optimize AnalyticsLeverage Salesforce Campaigns, Leads, and Contacts to create reports and dashboards that enable you and your team. Simplify your marketing, energize your team and improve your results.

Course Dates

Class Date Duration Status Location Signup
Marketing SuperheroTue. May 2, 20171 Day Scheduled Virtual/ Scranton, PA Learn More about signing up for this class
Marketing SuperheroTue. May 30, 20171 Day Scheduled Virtual/ Scranton, PA Learn More about signing up for this class
Marketing SuperheroTue. Jun 13, 20171 Day Scheduled Virtual/ Scranton, PA Learn More about signing up for this class
Marketing SuperheroTue. Jul 25, 20171 Day Scheduled Virtual/ Scranton, PA Learn More about signing up for this class
Marketing SuperheroTue. Aug 15, 20171 Day Scheduled Virtual/ Scranton, PA Learn More about signing up for this class
Marketing SuperheroTue. Sep 5, 20171 Day Scheduled Virtual/ Scranton, PA Learn More about signing up for this class

What you will learn

Actionable Reports

Records inside Salesforce have limited benefits for your marketing team. Learn to unlock your data and make it actionable. Create reports that show opportunities and the dynamic performance of your marketing and sales divisions. Coach, mentor, manage and move stuck campaigns to a successful status. Empower sales with more qualified handovers.

Create matrix reports showing campaign effectiveness. Identify lead sources and associated costs for efficient budgeting. Optimize ROI by focusing on campaigns that work, and discontinuing underperforming campaigns. Improve communication effectiveness with prospects and clients.

  • How to use and create Marketing Reports
  • Using filters to find the data you need
  • Using Conditional Highlighting
  • Summarize information for grouping
Campaign ROI

Determine your Return on Investment. Verify which of your campaigns are working and which need improvements.

Leads by Source

Identify your lead sources and focus your marketing efforts accordingly. Determine the origin of leads. Track marketing efforts and stay on course. Use data to make informed decisions.

Opportunities by Source

Identify from where opportunities originate. Correlate your opportunities with actual sales. Create insights into what is driving your revenue.

Leads by Industry / State / Category / Age Group / etc

Confirm or change your target audience, as needed. Optimize your targeting.  Discover your optimum audience with distinct custom or standard fields. Identify shared profile characteristics of those inquiring about your products and services.

Campaigns by Type

Identify your most powerful campaigns by type. Segment your campaigns into categories to compare them against each other. Compare total leads, contacts, responses, total opportunities, and won opportunities.

Closed Opportunities by Primary Campaign

Determine which campaigns are generating the most revenue.

Personal Campaign Report

Create one report that dynamically shows your performance.

Top 5 / Bottom 5 Campaigns by Revenue

Analyze why some campaigns are better than others. Create a top 5 list of your most and least successful campaigns. Get valuable insights.

Lead Trends by Status

Develop visibility and insights into trends on leads, from opened to converted.  

Lead Conversion Rate

Compare leads created to closed/ won opportunities. See relevant percentages.

Marketing Dashboards

See emerging and trending marketing information instantly. Visualize campaign information that increases your marketing effectiveness. View by division and entire company. Also, develop custom views utilizing dynamic criteria.

Create dashboards that drive opportunities from marketing to your sales pipeline. Make leader board tables that motivate marketing team performance. Identify those who are more effective in identifying and qualifying leads. Create gauges of actual versus marketing targets. Manage team and individual target performance.

  • Create underlying reports
  • Understanding dashboard components
  • Creating useful Marketing graphs
  • Formatting graphs based on your criteria

Marketing Automation Essentials

Learn and understand Campaign best practices. Improve audience targeting. Communicate with prospects on a personal level.

Learn how to automate marketing processes. Utilize Salesforce tools to manage and create effective campaigns. Track ROI and performance. Track communication effectiveness, cold call conversions, website landing page results and more.

  • Properly create and manage Campaigns
  • Segment prospects for efficient targeting
  • Define Campaign tracking techniques
  • Mass communicate with prospects

Recommended Prerequisites

This course covers reports, dashboards, Campaigns, Campaign Members, Leads, and Contacts. We recommend that you have an understanding of basic Salesforce concepts and functionality.

Who should take this class?

Turn data into action. Increase opportunities and sales. This course is for corporate sales and marketing teams, including:

  • CEO
  • VP of Marketing
  • Marketing Managers
  • Team leaders and members
  • Salesforce Administrators

Additional Best Practice Topics:

Data Cleansing

Locate and modify inaccurate and incomplete records. Eliminate poor data. Learn important strategies and skills you need to clean and correct your data.

Data Validation

Learn data validation techniques that create accurate records. Identify, cleanse and normalize relevant records that optimize usability. Recognize and correct errors.

Workflows and Approvals

Enable and optimize Campaigns faster with Salesforce workflows and approvals. You will also learn to automate tasks and field updates, aligning with your marketing criteria. Create workflows for "approve" or "deny". Optimize your marketing efforts.