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Live! Salesforce Rescue Services

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Want to solve your immediate issues?
Want a faster return on your CRM investment?
Want to achieve higher adoption rates?
Want to implement metrics to track performance?

Live! Salesforce Rescue Services

We offer Rescue services to help you achieve a greater return on your Salesforce investment solution in fewer than five days. Focus on your most important needs. Solve issues fast.

Developed for small business clients and pilot implementations with less than 50 users, Rescue programs address the requirements of your single most important business process. Our certified consultants will work with you to plan solutions that address your issues and jumpstart the appropriate solutions.

Whether you are a new Salesforce customer who wants to get started the right way, or an existing customer looking to address issues, or add functionality, one of these Rescue services is right for you.

Application configuration based on the priorities identified by customer and Live Salesforce Training Consulting.

  • You want a faster return on your Salesforce investment
  • You want to achieve higher user rates
  • You want to track performance with defined metrics


The Three-Day Remote Service is
Recommended for Salesforce Professional Edition customers

The Four-Day Remote Service is recommended for Salesforce
Professional, Unlimited or Enterprise editions. Travel costs not included.

Rescue Services

Duration Highlights Cost Sign Up
Three Days Remote- Professional Edition $ 4,500 Learn More about Salesforce Rescue 3 Day Remote Training
Four Days Remote- Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions $ 6,000 Learn More about Salesforce Rescue 4 Day Remote Training

Rescue 3 Day Remote

Get a good start using your Salesforce. Designed for new Salesforce customers, this remote service provides expert help with the initial setup of your Salesforce to support your vital business processes. Rescue remote is not designed as a comprehensive implementation. You can use this service to address what is most important to you allocating our consultant’s time in the most efficient way possible.

Rescue 4 Day Remote

For existing customers, Remote 4 Day remote is designed to release additional functionality in your current Salesforce instance or to extend usability to new areas or applications. This remote service helps you to both configure your existing Salesforce instance and to efficiently address your business needs.


Key Benefits

  • Achieve significant improvements in a short period of time
  • Build a plan addressing future business needs
  • Realize high user adoption as well as increased efficiency with your CRM investment
  • Get the skills you need to help you further optimize your solution on your own
  • Implement metrics to help measure and manage your business



This Rescue service includes the following deliverables:

  • A one-hour project kick-off call to coordinate project logistics for a Solution Design workshop
  • Solution Design workshop for up to four hours
  • Application configuration based on the priorities identified by customer and Rescueforce Consulting
  • Post-configuration solution review session
  • Scenario-based training for up to 25 users
  • Two two-hour Web-based training classes
  • A knowledge-transfer document with recommendations for additional module deployments or configurations not covered in this Rescue service, based on the customer’s business process
  • A best-practices training presentation


Please Note:

Rescue services are not designed to support advanced deployments, including customizable forecasting, complex workflow, data migration, or complex reports and dashboards. Those training subjects can be found in our Online Classes or Custom Training.