Sales Acceleration Requisites

Sales Acceleration Requisites focuses on improving sales effectiveness by automating processes from qualifying to close. Design and automate processes including quotes, product configuration, telesales scripting, and sales methodologies, right in Salesforce CRM.

What you will learn:

  • Opportunity development and management
  • Design and automate any process including quotes, product configuration, telesales scripting, and marketing
  • Identify and nurture opportunities while minimizing redundant tasks
  • Intelligently recommend next steps
  • Make better and faster decisions
  • Workflow- automating the process- how to add workflow and business processes
  • How to increase efficiency and adherence to sales processes with Approvals and Workflow
  • What are Visual Workflow (Flows)


Sales Acceleration Requisites

Premium Training gives you an effective, hands-on learning experience with a live personal trainer.

Webcam and Headset are required for virtual training.

Recommended Prerequisites


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Salesforce Automation Modules, Marketing Process Connectivity Opportunity Development Through Sales Life Cycle