Dashboard Visualizations

Visualize your business intelligence. Create Dashboards for all divisions including sales, marketing, and service. Understand what is going on quickly. See your information in context. Manage your business performance better with current and relevant insights. Get a clear picture. Go from reports, to dashboards, then action all in real time. Dramatically improve your performance.

What you will learn:

  • Creating and Editing Dashboard components
  • Controlling access to dashboards in different ways
  • Overview of dynamic dashboards
  • Limitations of dashboards
  • Creating dashboards as home tab
  • Creating reports of type summary report and matrix report. Generating dashboards from these reports
  • Different types of dashboards – Charts, Gauges, Metrics, Tables, Visualforce pages.
  • Understanding what information to pull from your reports to create an effective dashboard


Dashboard Visualizations

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Webcam and Headset are required for virtual training.


Visualize performance, manage your business better


Create Visual Summations for Business Metrics