Actionable Report Building

Salesforce provides effective ways to manage the performance of an organization. Build meaningful reports that show performance and enable management corrections as needed. Create reports on standard as well as custom objects. Develop different types of reports i.e. tabular reports, summary reports, and matrix reports. With these reports, organizations can build Dashboards that provide a quick visual snapshot of an organization’s key metrics and performance.

What you will learn:

  • Using and defining Report types
  • How to create custom reports
  • Grouping fields for matrix and summary reports
  • Selecting columns and column order on the report
  • Defining filtering criteria
  • Report security
  • Scheduling reports
  • Conditional Highlighting
  • Defining Information to be displayed i.e. count, sum, average
  • How to develop analytical snapshots


Actionable Report Building

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Recommended Prerequisites


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