Social Business for Salesforce 101

Social Media is a great way to connect to prospects, leads, and customers in real time. Social Media within Salesforce allows you to track and manage these efforts. Your business can take advantage of Social Media to boost your Sales, Marketing, and Service teams.

What you will learn:

  • Integrate Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook
  • Explain how Facebook, Twitter, and Chatter can work within Salesforce
  • How to set-up & import Social Media Data in Salesforce
  • How to work with Social Media in Salesforce
  • How to solve a Facebook and Twitter case within Salesforce
  • Explain how Chatter can improve your company’s sales and support teams
  • Learn Dashboard elements
  • Social Media and Collaboration Strategy development


Social Business for Salesforce 101

Premium Training gives you an effective, hands-on learning experience with a live personal trainer.

Webcam and Headset are required for virtual training.

Recommended Prerequisites


Join Social Media conversations by connecting with leads and clients


Maximize Facebook and Twitter results with Salesforce.